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POP UP: Autism research group


A research group aimed at facilitating elementary research on autism issues being done by autistic people ourselves. The group shall meet twice, we can then decide about further meetings, depending on how many people are interested. 

From David Andrews: 

Trying to set up a research group aimed at facilitating elementary research on autism issues being done by autistic people ourselves.

Sadly, the group will have no academic affiliation. But, because I am an international editor for a peer-reviewed journal, I do seem to have some clout.

Two years of experience as a visiting lecturer for my alma mater (educational psychology, elementary research methods & data analysis, and autism studies, with some outreach work done in Finland) gives me a solid background to convene a group like this.

I shall talk for a while, including an introduction to my educational background and expertise, and then we can have a question and answer session.

I shall first talk about the need for autistic people to be involved in research on autism issues as real-life researchers; essentially us being citizen social scientists investigating our own issues properly.

I shall then try to address the issue of our collective ability as a community to conduct research into our own situation(s) - matters such as how we would know things, and how would were find things out. We would need to know what we could get out of it ourselves as individuals and as a community. I shall hopefully be able to find examples.

The issue of topics for research will be mooted, and I would hope that we can find at least one topic that would be within easy reach of a basic set of research skills that - if necessary - I can teach to group members.

Thereafter - I have as much idea as the rest of you. But I'm sure that ASY will inform as and when decisions are made on it.

This could be very useful fun!



Helsingin seudun erilaiset oppijat ry HERO in Kaisaniemi, Helsinki

A video of HERO's new entrance


  • ​January 13th at 4 - 6 pm
  • February 24th at 4 - 6 pm


The ASY Research group will meet twice in March, online using the Discord channel "ASY Discussion in English" on March 17, 4-6 pm, and in Hero on March 31, 4-6 pm.

We will be working on shaping ASY member survey data into something that can be published in English, mainly focusing on the employment-related parts. We will also discuss potential future surveys and ways to attract students and researchers to work with us.

Discord link:


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